Recognising and celebrating years of dedication: Ministry Recognition service Synod 2023

Recognising and celebrating years of dedication: Ministry Recognition service Synod 2023

The Synod meeting has acknowledged key milestones for ordained ministers.

In a ceremony filled with gratitude and admiration, Moderator, Rev. Faaimata Havea Hilaru and General Secretary, Rev. Jane Fry, acknowledged the tireless efforts and dedicated commitment by the members of the ministry via their outpouring service over the years. The Ministry recognition service conducted today was filled with poignant moments that highlighted the significant contributions made by these individuals over the years.

“When I was ordained as a minister in 2013, I received a calling to serve at North Ryde Community Uniting Church,” Rev. Havea Hiliau said.

“Just before my induction service, I had a coffee meeting with someone who said to me – there were five other ministers who were members of this congregation. Four of them were about to retire, and one of them held the position of a presbytery minister. Naturally, as a newcomer, this information filled me with a some uneasiness.

“However, as I begin my ministry at North Ryde and spent time with these retiring ministers, I began to appreciate the profound wisdom, joy, and values they had accumulated over the years. My respect for them grew immensely, and today, we gather here to express our heartfelt gratitude to give thanks.”

The Uniting Church of NSW and ACT celebrates the outstanding achievement of the below Ministers:

Ministers of the Word & Deacons Ordained since the 2021 Synod

Rev. Sunil Baek

Rev. Hee Won Chang

Rev. Myeongcheol Oh

Rev. Sharon Jacobs

Rev. Jon Jayatilake Owen

Rev. Sam Sadrata

Rev. Gail Hinton

Rev. Kyungtae (Tay) Lee

Rev. Patricia Rooney

Rev. Allison Forrest

Ministers admitted into the Uniting Church of Australia since the 2021 Synod

Rev.Dr. Eojin Lee

Rev. Glen Spencer

Rev. Dale Yardy

Rev.Dr Karina Kreminski

Rev. Chi Wai (Tennyson) Chan

Rev. Brian Woodhouse

Rev.Dr Don Saines

Ministers transferred from other Synods into the NSW-ACT Synod

Rev. Ronald Watson

Rev. Elisabeth McMillan

Retired Ministers of the Word, Deacons, Deaconesses, and Lay Pastors

Rev. Terence Corkin

Rev. Jennifer Burns

Rev. John Raymond Candy

Rev. Malcolm Hausler

Rev. Paul Cosier

Rev. Graham Long

Rev Dr. Rodney Pattenden

Rev. Rhonda White

Rev. Gerald (Jerry) Duncan

Rev. Graham Lawrence

Rev. Martin Goodwin

Rev. Norman Grandin

Rev. Anthony Shumack

Rev. Lorna Martin

Rev. Graeme Gardiner

Rev. Robert Buchan

Rev. Frank van der Korput

Rev. Donald Everhart

Rev. Niall Reid

Rev. Peter Robinson

Rev.Dr Mele Koloa Fakahua-Ratcliffe

Rev. Stephen Estherby

Rev. Kenneth Mark Beaton

Rev. Renwick James Schmid

Rev. Michael Charles Barnes

Rev. Laurel Barr

Rev. Jan Reeve

Rev. Josefa Mar

Rev. Ian Weeks

Rev. Robin Davies

Rev. Kenneth Brown

Rev. Duncan McDiarmid

Rev. Ronald Alexander Schepis

Rev. Stephen Larkin

Rev. Judith Redman

Rev. Peter Davis

Rev. Brian Hayes

Rev. Dr John Squires

Rev. Assoc. Prof Clive Pearson


40 Years

Rev. Raymond Hughes

Rev. John Bate

Rev. Sang Duk Choi

Rev. Gregory Crawford

Rev. Garry Derkenne

Rev. Kevin Dilks

Rev. Claire Duncan

Rev.Dr Gerald (Jerry) Duncan

Rev. Dr Kerry Enright

Rev. Neil Ericksson

Rev. Glenn Farquhar-Nicol

Rev. Peter Fox

Rev. Nicholas Fried

Rev. Miriam Howard-Baker

Rev. Sun Il Jeong

Rev. David King

Rev.Dr Seong Choon Lew

Rev. Murray Lund

Rev. Stuart Mason

Rev.Dr Margaret Mayman

Rev. Dr Dorothy McRae-McMahon

Rev. Nancy Morley

Rev. Ian Pearson

Rev. Assoc. Prof Clive Pearson

Rev. Ian Robinson

Rev.Dr Stephen French Rowe

Rev. David Russel

Rev. Brian Smith

Rev. Leigh Steer

Rev. Alison Todd

Rev. Christopher Udy

Rev. David Williams

Rev. Chee Keong Yong

Rev. Dr Marian Zaunbrecher

50 Years

Rev. Margaret Bakhsh

Rev. John Blair

Rev. Eric Drury

Rev. Malcolm Fellows

Rev. Lawrence Fitzgerald

Rev. Raymond Green

Rev. Prof James Haire

Rev. Gregor Henderson

Rev. Robert Hincks

Rev. Rex Hunt

Rev.Dr Ross Kingham

Rev. Dr Sang Taek Lee

Rev.Dr Roderick Mitchell

Rev. William Moore

Rev. Dr Arthur G Pearce

Rev.Dr Peter Anthony Powell

Rev. Vernon Prowse

Rev.Dr Alan Russel

Rev. David Sloane

Rev.Dr John Webster

Rev. John Weston

Rev. Joyce Wheat

Rev. Peter Woodward

60 Years

Rev. Milton Brown

Rev. Grahame Ellis

Rev. Alan Jackson

Rev. Dr David Manton

Rev. Norman McDonald

Rev. William Rosier

Rev. Eric Stevenson

70 Years

Rev. Keith Bergin

Rev. Ronald Page


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