Profound truth

Profound truth

Instead of being alarmed at the current climate of “militant Christophobia” (to use Rod McLeod’s phrase, ‘Your Say’ Insights, February/March), I find it all rather exciting and invigorating — fertile ground for authentic transformation.

It is naïve to expect that institutional Christianity, with teachings and values perceived by many to be anachronistic, should not be ridiculed by society at large.

Thankfully, the Kingdom of God has never been about institution, but rather, infiltration (salt/leaven). Institutions need defending in the face of persecution. Infiltration just thrives.

As a Christian, I am not called to defend Christianity. My calling is simply to live as Christ does, loving and serving others without fear or favour, praying for my persecutors and laying down my life for them so that Christ’s resurrection life might have its way in theirs.

In the words of a friend of mine (a UCA clergyman), “The more deeply Christian I become, the less it matters my being Christian.” At first glance, a dangerous contradiction but, in actual fact, a profound truth.

PS: Thanks for a great magazine!

Alison Clark, Hurstville Grove


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