Launches ‘Kids’ Bible in a Year’ Launches ‘Kids’ Bible in a Year’, has announced the launch of “Kids’ Bible in a Year” with Julie Jeffress Sadler, an educational monthly learning subscription for children. “Kids’ Bible in a Year,” an iHeart podcast, features a series teachings.   

Max Bard is’s VP of Content.

“Parents are always on the look-out for great new resources to help grow their children’s faith and knowledge of the Bible,” Mr Bard said.

“We created this series to help families paint a clear picture of who God is, what He’s like and just how much He loves all of his children.”

Voiced by Julia Jeffress Sadler and featuring more than 200 biblical stories, “Kids’ Bible in a Year” runs chronologically  through the Bible.   

As a licensed counsellor, podcaster, and author, Sadler connects with millions of Christians each week across her many media properties. She has a heart of compassion for people to know the transformational love of God through the Bible. 

“I am absolutely honoured to be hosting this incredible show that helps children adventure through the Bible and know Jesus as their Savior,” said Ms Sadler.

In addition to “Kids’ Bible in a Year,” hosts podcasts from Christian pastors and speakers, meditative and reflective prayers and resources to aid listeners on spiritual growth. podcasts are distributed by iHeartPodcasts.  

Find “Kids’ Bible in a Year” and other prayer and faith-based audio content at, on the iHeartRadio app and everywhere podcasts are heard.  


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