Now You See Me

Now You See Me

(M) Hopscotch DVD/BD and digital download

The beauty of this film is in the detail. It is a heist film, in a similar vein to Ocean’s Eleven, but bears more resemblance to Inception in delivery. It follows a group of magicians called The Four Horseman, who, with dazzling sleight of hand are able to pull off large scale robberies that benefit their audiences.

When they attract the attention of Mark Ruffalo’s cop and interpol, they must pull off one major piece of magic – a disappearing act – to fool their would-be captors.

Director Louis Leterrier has been smart enough to choose actors who can provide character sketches quickly: Michael Caine ‑ a greedy businessman, Woody Harrelson ‑ a comic con artist with a wicked stare, and Jesse Eisenberg a fast-talking egotist. Of course Leterrier couldn’t resist a lengthy car chase (what’s a heist film without one), but this is forgiven thanks to the entertainment factor.

Adrian Drayton


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