No crucifixion for Second Coming

No crucifixion for Second Coming

When the comic book Second Coming was first announced in 2018, the result was swift controversy. A petition calling for the book’s removal garnered enough attention for DC/Vertigo to delay the title so as to review it, prompting the creators to request the rights to the title back.

Stepping into the breach, upstart publishers Ahoy opted to publish super-sized versions of the comic, with all of the original story and some additional prose.

Now that the dust has settled, and the first volume is now complete (released in a single volume trade paperback), writer Mark Russell has had the chance to reflect on Second Coming.

According to Mr Russell, the series was ultimately received “Very well.”

“I mean, not everyone is on board with what I have to say theologically, but they all seem to understand that this is not the cheap gag they were afraid it might be.”

“Onboard or not, I’m grateful to everyone who gave it a chance. But what’s especially gratifying is hearing from people who feel like this represents a sort of missing jigsaw piece in their understanding of their faith. And people, who may have left their faith long ago, but whom we have helped find a renewed respect for Christ and his teachings.”

“I do think comics as a whole are critically important in today’s environment because you can take chances on stories you probably would never see in other, more expensive to produce, forms of media. Also, because comics are generally targeted at meeting readers when they’re young and who otherwise might not have access to things that discuss big ideas.”

“Things that might open doors to the world that the blockbuster at the cineplex or the family library of approved books might at home. That’s sort of the role that comics and other cheap paperback books played in my life.” 

The first volume has now been collected as a single trade paperback. In the comics industry, this often gives a title an extended life, as some readers wait for the collected edition. While a second volume has not been announced, the collection is called ‘Volume one’, which may prove to be a harbinger of things to come.

“Making Second Coming has been a labour of love and I hope it shows,” said Mark Russell.

”I’m thankful for everyone who waited out the controversy to make up their own minds about this comic. We have a lot more to say with Second Coming and I can’t wait for them to read it.”

Second Coming: Volume One is now available in comic book stores and book shops.


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