News Round-up: October 9

News Round-up: October 9

Did we miss the End of the World?

Major news outlets everywhere ran stories this week about a group of Christians who predicted October 7, 2015, would be the end of the world. EBible Fellowship is an online ” fellowship of believers whose desire is to have fellowship with God through His Word”. Leader of the group, Chris McCann, had been vocal about the high likelihood that October 7 was “a date of destruction given to the world” by God. Seems McCann and the Fellowship overlooked the Bible’s own teaching about “the day of the Lord”. As Mark 13:32-33 reports, Jesus states that “you don’t know when the time is coming’. But that didn’t stop EBible Fellowship’s prediction… or McCann releasing a response, when October 8 rolled around.



Hugh Jackman: I’m a Christian

In a candid interview with Parade magazine, Hugh Jackman says “I’m a Christian” before explaining”before I go onstage every night, I pause and dedicate the performance to God, in the sense of “Allow me to surrender.” But Jackman then adds he is trying to surrender to “the story, to the character, to the night, to the audience”. Jackman’s thoughts about what religion is and looks like in his life, provide an interesting backdrop to how he is slated to play the Apostle Paul in an upcoming film.



Faith-based movies and TV service

This year’s explosion of online streaming services in Australia — led by Netflix, Stan and Presto — might have you thinking that all bases have been covered. But an American provider has released a streaming service aimed squarely at the family market. The Dove Channel carries a lot of Christian and faith-based content, and also offers a ratings system that ranks the “intensity levels” of content such as sex, nudity, swearing and violence.



Sleep on Sydney’s streets to help the homeless

Supported by a local church, Rough Edges is a cafe and support centre in Darlinghurst, Sydney. While that’s one of Sydney’s richest suburbs, many homeless and vulnerable people live in the area. During October, Rough Edges is running its “Roughtober” campaign to fundraise for its ministry. One of its main events will be the Roughtober sleepout on October 16 which you can be part of, or donate money towards.



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