News round-up: June 10

News round-up: June 10

The Passion of the Christ 2?

Mel Gibson might be resurrecting Jesus on the big screen. According to an exclusive story posted by the Hollywood Reporter, Braveheart screenwriter Randall Wallace is re-teaming with director Mel Gibson to tackle what happened to Jesus after the events of The Passion of the Christ. Still one of the most successful independent films ever, Gibson’s Passion focused mainly on the cruel punishment inflicted upon Jesus before his crucifixion. But as Wallace explains: “The Passion is the beginning and there’s a lot more story to tell.”



Making sense out of suffering

An Australian conference focused upon pastoral thinking and care for the ageing will feature a keynote adress about suffering (and its possible purposes). Dean of theology at Sydney’s Alphacrucis Bible College, Shane Clifton is also quadraplegic. He has been researching and writing on theology and disability, with elements of his work to be presented at the CAPS Conference in Canberra in September.



Christian church is “out of touch” in Australia

Do you think Christian denominations and leaders in Australia are engaging well with political and public debates? The Australian’s respected Foreign Editor, Greg Sheridan, certainly doesn’t. He suggests “Australian Christian churches are in crisis” when it comes to demonstrating their relevance to broader society, as they haven’t accepted yet that Christianity is no longer Australia’s dominant religious position. Food for thought for any Christian interested in reaching out to other people, with the good news of Jesus — in the current Australian climate.



“Elephant Man” should get Christian burial

Despite living in the late 1800s, John Merrick is the world’s most famous “freak show” performer. Due to his physical deformities, Merrick was shuffled into travelling “freak shows” — carnivals which paraded people as sideshow exhibits. His remains are held in a London university, available to be viewed by medical students and professionals. But a relative of Merrick’s manager has called for him to be buried in his home town of Leicester — “He was Christian and would have expected a Christian burial,” she stated.



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