News round-up: August 28

News round-up: August 28

Christian Fashion Week. Yes, it’s real

What comes to mind when you hear that there is a Christian Fashion Week? Visions of daggy t-shirts with daggy slogans? Or dresses that look like they’ve stepped out of a Jane Austen novel? But those behind Christian Fashion Week — an American movement and series of events that has even caught the positive attention of the New York Times — promote a vibrantly Biblical approach to what we wear. Because our bodies are important to God, and so is what we do with them. Christian Fashion Week upholds modest contextual clothing, sustainable production and ethical practices.


Mel Gibson to film Christian hero

Next month, Mel Gibson is set to return to his homeland — and the director’s chair — for Hacksaw Ridge. Starring Hollywood big names Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man) and Vince Vaughn (True Detective), as well as Australian stars Sam Worthington (Avatar) and Luke Bracey (Point Break remake), Hacksaw Ridge focuses on World War Two soldier Desmond Doss. A Seventh Day Adventist and pacifist, Doss refused to use weapons or kill. But the American soldier received the Medal of Honor for his heroism. Hacksaw Ridge will begin filming in NSW next month.

World-record basketball stunts help poor children

Heard the one about the three young blokes from Perth who use amazing basketball skills to raise money for kids living in poverty? True story, as the Christian trio known as “How Ridiculous” have teamed up with child welfare and advocacy organisation Compassion. How Ridiculous’s YouTube channel has had more than 30 million views of their memorable videos, including the Perth lads setting the world record for the highest basketball shot. They launched a basketball off the top of the Gordon Dam in Tasmania (see it here — it’s incredible). As they partner with Compassion in a novel relationship of fundraising for a worthy cause, the How Ridiculous team celebrates God’s blessing of what they do — and they call all of us to consider the amazingness of Jesus, more than the amazingness of their sporting abilities.


Fastest Man Alive tweets his faith

Someone has been watching Usain Bolt, the Jamaican athlete who is officially the world’s fastest man. But it’s not his on-track efforts that the Christian Today site noticed. By just bringing together five separate messages that Bolt broadcast via Twitter, Christian Today put together an encouraging portrait of the running man’s Christian faith. Prepare to be struck by his humility and desire to give credit to God, for the gifts he’s been given.


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