New issue of With Love To The World on its way

New issue of With Love To The World on its way

The next edition of With Love To The World is currently on its way to churches.

The issue includes a week of commentaries by Nathan Tyson, the First Nations Strategy and Engagement Manager for NSW and ACT Synod.

The issue’s cover features a painting by Malia Patricia Akanisi Vaurasi, from the island of Rotuma, near Fiji. This painting, Hands of Resistance, portrays the vast ocean of struggles that Pacific people navigate.

As she explained, “Tose struggles relate to our nuclear legacies, the climate crisis and growing food insecurity, the continuous struggle for self-determination by our brothers and sisters in West Papua, Maohi Nui, and Kanaky, the neo-colonialist hands of greed and exploitation that reach out to pillage the abundance of our lands and oceans to enrich their empires—and in this process our people are displaced and our natural environment is destroyed.”

With Love to the World first launched in 1976, a year before the official formation of the Uniting Church in Australia. It is a quarterly daily devotional guide that provides a reflection on a Bible passage for each day of the year.While primarily a Uniting Church publication, it has a wide range of contributors and readers. The series launched an app in 2020.

With Love to the World can be ordered as a printed resource for $28 for a year’s subscription (email Trevor at or phone +61 (2) 9747-1369). It can also be accessed via an App, for a subscription of $24.49 per year in the App Store or Google Play.


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