New Biblical film by Terry Gilliam

New Biblical film by Terry Gilliam

Hold onto your sandals!

Terry Gillam, the mastermind behind Monty Python, is conjuring a new biblical comedy titled “The Carnival at the End of Days.”

Get this for a plot twist: God (played by the Dude himself, Jeff Bridges) is over humanity and wants to pull the plug. The only one standing in his way? None other than Satan (Johnny Depp, channeling his inner mischief-maker). Seems the Devil needs sinners to keep his fiery kingdom running, and a world without humans means an eternally bored Lord of Darkness.

Joining this heavenly (and hellish) cast are Adam Driver and Jason Momoa, though their roles remain shrouded in mystery. Gillam warns the film will likely tickle the funny bone of those who enjoy a good dose of offense. Expect him to take some liberties with the traditional portrayal of God too.

This is perhaps a film for those not easily offended.

“Bridges won’t be your typical God,” Gillam spills the beans. “In this film, God is nature, but nature with a voice you can hear.”  Prepare for some wild animation sequences, as Gillam brings this nature-God to life with a menagerie of at least 15 creatures. The challenge? Making it all look realistic (and presumably hilarious) on a hefty budget.

Mark your calendars! Filming for this apocalyptic comedy kicks off in January 2025.


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