Methodist Doctrine: The Essentials

Methodist Doctrine: The Essentials

Ted A. Campbell, Abingdon 

This book looks at the four organised denominational churches that are the current American Methodist tradition. There have been others and the relationships of the whole are important and explained.

It admits to being a slim volume because Methodist doctrine is minimalist. Of particular interest is the Appendix that lists the American Methodist foundational texts of 1743 and 1784, and Wesley’s sermons can be found elsewhere.

While the Wesleyan tradition strongly remains, American Methodists have gone on to also have a parochial doctrinal position that is explained in Anglo and African-American context. The seventh and last chapter steps aside from strict doctrine and deals with the Methodist morality and ethos, what the Uniting Church refers to as “social justice”.

I found the side column headings useful to navigate quickly to topics of particular interest.

This book will be more useful for church academics or junkies for the worldwide Methodist tradition.

Peter Ellis


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