Living the story

Thank you for the latest issue of Insights with its coverage of the recent NSW Synod gathering.   

It was refreshing for me to read of the variety of activity and planning going on.  I was especially interested in the article by the new Moderator Simon Hansford, The Story That Lies Ahead.  It is always encouraging to have our vision turned to the future with all the wonderful possibilities before us.   

Pat and I now reside at the Gold Coast in Queensland where Pat is in the Cypress Gardens Nursing Home and I am in the Residential Community nearby.  We still have happy memories of our time in NSW and in particular of the Synod of 1989.  We took the theme then of Living the Story and this is why I am excited by this latest emphasis.  

The story in which we share is a beautiful one, inspired continually by our conviction that our Master is the Living Lord and the source of all our hopes and plans.   

I want to wish the Synod well, to congratulate Simon and to assure you that you have our prayerful support as you prepare to share in the next portion of our story which may well be the best of all. 


Bill Adams, Gold Coast QLD. 



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