‘Let peace fill our heart’

‘Let peace fill our heart’

September 21 saw over 200 participants gather to mark the International Day of Peace at St David’s Uniting Church hall, Lindfield.

At the invitation of the Rev. Dr Manas Ghosh and the St David’s congregation, representatives of 12 different religions or denominations attended to offer prayers for peace from their own tradition. Concluding each prayer, the congregation responded “Let peace fill our heart, our world and our universe”.

The 200 voices in unison was a powerful demonstration of the shared commitment to peace held by all in attendance.

Dr Ghosh reminded all participants that “we are not here to engage in theological debate or discussion. Neither are we here to promote or establish the superiority of any particular religion, nor to proselytise anyone. But we are here to affirm our common humanity; and to express our longing for peace in and through the prayers of our faiths.”

Powerful moments during the service included musical interludes by Newington Preparatory School Choir, Ravenswood Junior Chamber Strings and Killara Junior Vocal Ensemble.

A central part of the service was when all in attendance were invited to light a small candle from the Peace Candle and place it on a table displaying flags of all the countries of the world.


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