June: The church’s mission to the world

June: The church’s mission to the world

Sunday 4 June
Trinity Sunday/Reconciliation Week

Matthew 28:16-20

This week we recognise the doctrine of the Trinity: One God in three persons. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Before we look into that, we also celebrate Reconciliation this week. In our story, this is the first time Jesus met his disciples after they were scattered before he went to the cross. After rising from the dead, he told them through Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to meet him in Galilee. This is significant, for out of Galilee he called his disciples, and out through Galilee he commissioned them. Our reading is made known as ‘The Great Commission’. In this commissioning service, Jesus reveals the Trinitarian nature of God in his announcement of baptisimal blessing: “Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19.

This is a complex doctrine to talk about in this reflection. What’s important, is the Crucified-Risen Christ gathered the people of God to God-self through the authority of God’s communion love. It is out of this, you and I are called to go out to all nations and reconcile all men, women and children to God. We can do that in a number of ways: Through worship, witness and service. In what ways you could show to others the trinitarian nature of God? How could you as a Christian seek to reconcile others to God this week?

Sunday 11 June Pentecost 2

Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26

At Pentecost, it marks the beginning of the Christian church’s mission in and to all the world. This is post-resurrection, therefore our task is to respond to God’s call on our lives to be a transforming agent for the kingdom of God. The calling of Matthew, the tax collector shows how Jesus calls men and women to use their gifts of graces for the proclamation of the good news of God’s coming in Christ Jesus. Following Jesus, Matthew became one of the disciples. Interestingly, later in this story, he invite Jesus and his disciples to his home as a guest. In this dinner party, Matthew invites his tax collector and business friends to meet Jesus and the disciples. This is evangelism at its best: Inviting our family, friends, workmates and neighbours to meet with Jesus. How can we be more intentional in inviting our loved ones to church?

Like Matthew, we can help those in our circles of friends to a relationship with Jesus. The story of a leader of a synagogue coming to Jesus claiming it’s only him who can raise her from the dead is an interesting one. Do we have such faith in God, he can do unimaginable things in life? If we believe that, we should encourage others to trust in God for the unimaginable. The woman who had suffered for 12 years with constant bleeding believe the unimaginable saying if I only touch the fringe of his robe, I should be heal. Jesus commented her for her faith and immediately she was healed. Jesus, comment those who trust him for their life. What can you trust God for today?

Sunday 18 June Pentecost 3

Matthew 9:35-10:8

When we talk about the mission for God, we often fall short in those who can go out and do the work God is calling the church to do in our community and in the world. Jesus gave us a model of how to get people to involve in God’s mission: Firstly, To pray for them. Do you pray daily for God’s workers? Do you pray at church for those who volunteer themselves to do the mission of God? When we pray, we ought to be open to God calling us to be his answer prayer to be God’s mission agent to the world. Secondly, to teach them the work of mission. What Jesus did, in his discipleship model: He teach his followers by showing them what to do when you are on a mission. He then send them out with some direction to experience what it likes to be in mission. This is an important part, exposing our young trainee or leaders to the how to’s of ministry and mission.

In this way, they will learn from their mistakes and nurture their gifts and strengths. In the church, we must do these two task well, in order to build disciples. By praying for those to carry out the task of mission in the life of the church. And also by nurturing leaders through training and practicing their learning through intentional missional opportunity through worship, witness, and service. In such a way, we can grow contemporary, courageous, growing church.

Sunday 25 June Pentecost 4

Matthew 10:24-39

The mission of God is not an easy task. In many way, we will be challenged from every side and for many, that is why they at times are afraid to response to God’s call, let alone being faithful in mission. As people will call you by all sorts of names; accuses you and I with many lies and falsify us, as they did to Jesus on his way to the cross. Even unfairly treated and in some cases, threatens with all kinds of violations and often death. What Jesus shared here is to encourage us to be faithful to our call with these three words: “Don’t be afraid.” This has repeated tree times between verses 26-31. Jesus knew, as he had experienced himself, that there are many things to be afraid of, and he encourages us not to be afraid. Amazingly, these three words was so important all throughout the Scriptures. In fact, it appears 365 times in the whole Bible. There must be a reason behind it, that God wants you and I to hear these words every day of the year: ‘Don’t be afraid.’

What are you afraid of in your journey of faith today? Some of us our challenges is very personal, perhaps the threat of sickness has overwhelmed you. Or other, the threats of a broken relationship. God is saying to you and me, ‘Don’t be afraid.’ Others may have fear of not knowing what the future may bring. Again, God in Christ is calling on us, ‘Don’t be afraid.’ It invites us to bring our concern and fear, and let God give us the courage, strength and wisdom we need to live day by day.

Rev. Alimoni Taumoepeau


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