Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys

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If you didn’t get to see “Jersey Boys” on stage during its Australian season, then now is your opportunity to re-live the soundtrack of your life by shouting yourself to the movies. For those of us caught up on the musical world that was the ‘60s, the soundtrack accompanying the story will bring back the memories of such hits that seem to have remained in tack within the four seasons of our lives.

The songs jolt the memories, and if you are like me, you can date stamp the times they were at the top of the charts by where you were in your life. “Jersey Boys” is veteran actor turned latter day producer Clint Eastwood’s first venture into a film based on a Broadway hit. He has carefully blended the music the life and often troubled times of Frankie Valli and the other members of the group initially known as “The Four Lovers” until a motel sign “Four Seasons” gave them not just a name change, but the key to a musical career unimagined.

The film is fast moving with its light hearted banter, tinged many times by the personal tragedies of Valli and his fellow group members. The sub plot of crime and the mob illustrates that behind the lyrics there was always another story. This sadly seemed to be part and parcel of the success, and sometimes failure, of those who were part of the popular musical phenomena that was the ‘50s and ‘60s.

The rating of frequent coarse language is perhaps an understatement to say the least, so be prepared to let that play on a parallel tape reel and don’t let it spoil the rest of the movie. The costumes take you back to a generation past and you will be left humming the songs for days.

The flashbacks to original footage help set the screen, your challenge when you see “Jersey Boys” is to look out for the cameo appearance of the Director/Producer. And if by chance you miss out on the in-season screenings, the DVD will be a memorable addition to your library!

Allan Gibson



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