James Ellis accepted as ministry candidate

James Ellis accepted as ministry candidate

James Ellis has been accepted as a candidate for the Ministry of the Word.

“Being accepted as a candidate for ministry means that the Synod selection panel has discerned and approved an application made to be a candidate for ministry,” Mr Ellis said.

“This is after a candidate has undertaken a period of discernment and conversations in their home presbytery.”

“I felt a great sense of affirmation at the ‘yes’ from the panel. There was definitely some excitement at looking at the “what comes next.”

“For some time there had been a deep sense of there being more to my life and vocation as a Christian than what I was currently doing. Affirmations from others certainly sent me on a of discernment and testing.”

In the Uniting Church, candidates undergo a process that includes a one-year period of discernment. This sees a candidate work with a mentor for a year to help discern whether there is a call to ministry. It also involves theological study and formation. Later, they may progress to ordination and later, placement.

For Mr Ellis, the discernment process started 10 years ago.

“Your Period of Discernment mentor should challenge and affirm you, and mine certainly did,” he said.

The Synod Selection Panel shares in the responsibility of discerning whether people may be called to ordained ministry.

“For the selection panel, Rev. Nicole Fleming as the Candidates Formation Coordinator is a gift to the church and was available to answer any questions,” Mr Ellis said.

“Acceptance as a candidate is only the start of the next stage in the formation journey. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead.”


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  1. Best wishes in ongoing discernment and formation James! Glad you had such a helpful PoD to explore that ‘deep sense’ of what God’s call looks and feels like.

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