“It is a joy to explore these stories and texts together”

“It is a joy to explore these stories and texts together”

Rev. Dr Rebecca Lindsay will be picking up some extra teaching at United Theological College during the first Semester in 2024.

“I will be teaching next year and I am very excited about it,” Rev. Dr Lindsay said.

“I will be teaching Introduction to Old Testament Studies and Biblical Hebrew 1. If anyone is thinking about studying Hebrew it would be wonderful to welcome them into the class as the next opportunity to learn Hebrew through UTC will be in 2026.”

“While one semester isn’t enough to read the Hebrew Bible fluently, it offers a great insight into Hebrew language and ways of thinking. Plus, it is a lot of fun to learn a new alphabet, to engage a language that reads from right to left, and to make sense of some short biblical texts.”

“I always enjoy the interaction in classes as we engage the Old Testament. Each student brings their own perspective, expertise, and life experience and so I know I will learn much from the diverse learning community. I think the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament is less well known than the Gospels for many, but not all. It is a joy to explore these stories and texts together and to learn some of the tools that scholars use in interpretation.”

“I am also looking forward to learning from the current faculty of UTC about teaching, learning, and being part of a diverse learning community. I encourage anyone who has wondered about theological study to get in touch with the college and see which course options might suit them.”

For more information about Introduction to the Old Testament and Hebrew 1, visit UTC’s website


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