If Christians Were Really Christian

If Christians Were Really Christian

John Killinger, Chalice Press

John Killinger says we have made Christianity complicated.

He writes: “We have turned our religion into a maze of doctrines and prejudices, symbols and methodologies, promotional strategies and bureaucracies, to the point where the average non-churchgoer regards us at best with indifference or at worst with contempt.”

Thirteen chapters make up the content of this book. Each begins with the words, “If Christians really …” and continues with topics including, “… worshipped Christ”, “… prayed for God’s Kingdom”, “… understood the power of forgiveness”, “… followed Jesus” and “… looked forward to heaven”.

Each chapter feels like an extended sermon. They are filled with stories which act as illustrations of a so-called “point” rather than being genuine narrative. The style is personal, almost as if Killinger is leaning over the edge of the pulpit and chatting with his listeners.

Indeed, some of the blurb on the back describes his style as using “stories and illustrations from his own ministry to pierce hearts so that personal answers can emerge”.

I reckon his audience is the general reader who is looking for a pleasant, relaxed read, for there is little stuff that one could describe as scholarly or radical.

Rex A. E. Hunt


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