I Love You Too

I Love You Too

(M) Roadshow DVD/BD

Opening with two dudes (Brendan Cowell and Peter Helliar, who wrote the script) hitting on chicks, Australian romantic comedy I Love You Too might not strike you as romantic or comedic.

But, once this heartfelt bromance enters the territory it is really exploring, strong messages emerge about men stepping up in terms of monogamous commitment and dealing with grief.

While no character professes Christian values, I Love You Too upholds the inherent human hardwiring as outlined in Genesis 2:18-25.

Alice (rising starlet Yvonne Strahovski) dumps boyfriend Jim (Cowell) because he won’t seriously discuss the long-term, leading him to slowly realise he’s an emotional retard.

Mercifully ignoring the sleazy (yet pitiable, considering what it is covering up) rally cries of his BFF Blake (Helliar), Jim gets genuine, respectful advice from cool, brittle Charlie (Peter Dinklage, the movie’s secret weapon).

All male characters are clearly directed towards the love of one woman, while Dinklage’s tender scene with Megan Gale reveals sincere insight into the pain of moving on.

Ben McEachen


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