I am Slave

I am Slave

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Based on the experience of a real woman, I am Slave is the story of Malia (Wunmi Mosaku), who is kidnapped from her Sudanese village and sold into slavery at the age of 12. She spends her formative years as a slave and we meet her when she is 18.

Living in fear of her abusive mistress, Malia is nonetheless sadly dependent on her and cannot or will not leave.

After she stands up for herself, she is banished to further slave work for diplomats in London. Her passport is taken and, in unfamiliar territory, her fear returns. She could escape, and in one early scene does, but soon returns to her captives, not knowing where to go.

Hope arrives with a small friendship but even the relative kindness shown to her by this person has its limitations as they are too afraid of compromising their own comfortable situation to help her.

Malia was a princess in her village back in Sudan and Bah, her proud and loving father (Isaac De Bankole), never stops searching for her. His grief-stricken desperation is harrowing to witness and one can only imagine the helplessness of being a parent in that situation.

As he discovers, his situation is tragically far from unique with many other children having met the same fate as his daughter.

It is estimated that there are over 5,000 slaves currently in the UK. It makes you wonder how many men, women and children are not only held against their will but perhaps are simply too afraid to claim their freedom.

How can these invisible people be helped?

The incredibly strong central performances of Wunmi Mosaku and Isaac De Bankole empower and lift an otherwise bleak tone. I am Slave is an eye-opening, ultimately hopeful story.

Jasmine Edwards


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