How does Australia contribute to human trafficking?

How does Australia contribute to human trafficking?

Trafficked to Australia is a new expose on Australia’s involvement in Human Trafficking.

The video was released on 2 July. It paints a vivid picture of how human trafficking takes place.

Salt House Creative is the team responsible. Their Artistic Director, Dr Daniel Widdowson, told Insights that the documentary’s audience had expanded, due to how important the message was.

“Salt House Creative began this documentary as an educational resource for the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies for part of their Human Trafficking course” Dr Widdowson said.

“As the information and stories came in, we realised that this documentary needed a much wider audience.”

“Awareness is key. The everyday Australia will benefit from watching this documentary as they’ll be aware of trafficking signs all around them in day to day life.”

The film free to view via YouTube. According to Dr Widdowson, this was, “so that anyone anywhere can watch it at any time.”

Trafficked to Australia is available now to watch for free on YouTube.


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