Half A Million Steps Premieres

Half A Million Steps Premieres

Half A Million Steps debuted at Paddington’s Chauvel Cinema on Thursday 13 June.

The documentary follows a baton carried by 100 walkers from Dubbo to Sydney in October 2018. Those who took part in the walk included people directly affected by drug and alcohol addiction, experts in medical, legal and treatment fields, members of the Church and staff of Uniting.

Inside the baton was a heartfelt open message to the Premier from Moderator Rev Simon Hansford – calling on the NSW government to take personal drug use out of the realm of criminality and make effective treatment accessible to people struggling with problematic drug use.

Uniting Executive Director, Tracy Burton and Rev. Hansford launched the film.

Rev. Hansford recalled his time as Minister in the Dubbo congregation during the 1990s and early 2000s. He said that it was a difficult place for people to get treatment for drug dependence.

“Sydney is a long way away when all your life and resources are in Dubbo,” he said.

“My belief is that every human being has inherit value, has equal worth.”

“My faith places me squarely with those who are struggling, who are on the margins, who are on the margins, who are told they have no place, no worth, no future.”

“That’s why I support the Fair Treatment campaign and its goals: a compassionate health.”

The film will be screened at Dubbo RSL on Friday, 14 June at 6pm and during the 2019 Synod meeting. It will also have a limited run in Dendy theatres on the following days.

Thursday 13 June, 6pm for 7pm screening – Palace Chauvel Paddington
Saturday 22 June, 2.30pm – Dendy Newtown
Thursday 27 June, 6.30m – Dendy Opera Quays
Wednesday 3 July, 6.30pm – Dendy Newtown
Friday 12 July, 6.30pm – Dendy Newtown

Jonathan Foye is Insights’ Editor


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