Greta Gerwig is “intimidated” by adapting Narnia for Netflix

Greta Gerwig is “intimidated” by adapting Narnia for Netflix

Greta Gerwig, currently garnering accolades for her work on Barbie, is grappling with a sense of trepidation as she embarks on her upcoming project.

Netflix has enlisted Gerwig to adapt two novels from C.S. Lewis’ much-loved series, The Chronicles of Narnia, with filming slated to commence later this year. Despite her impressive track record in adapting cherished childhood stories, including her success with Little Women, Gerwig openly expresses her apprehensions about the magnitude of the Narnia undertaking.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Gerwig shared, “I’m slightly in the place of terror because I really do have such reverence for Narnia. I loved Narnia so much as a child. As an adult, C.S. Lewis is a thinker and a writer. I’m intimidated by doing this. It’s something that feels like a worthy thing to be intimidated by.”

Acknowledging the cultural responsibility involved, particularly as a non-British individual tackling British literature, Gerwig expressed her desire to approach the adaptation with precision. Drawing a parallel to Americans interpreting Shakespeare, she noted a sense of reverence and the need for extra care when working on material that is not inherently their own.

Despite her concerns, Gerwig’s past achievements, including her adaptation of Little Women that earned six Academy Award nominations, showcase her aptitude for navigating beloved literary works. Netflix Film Chairman Scott Stuber, emphasizing Gerwig’s background, stated, “[Gerwig] grew up in a Christian background. The C.S. Lewis books are very much based in Christianity. And so we just started talking about it…it was just a great opportunity, and I’m so thrilled that she’s working on it with us. And I’m just thrilled to be in business with her. And she’s just an incredible talent.”


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