God is …in the suburbs and in the city!

God is …in the suburbs and in the city!

The Rev. John Dacey is a deacon who leads the team at Mt Druitt Community Ministry.

Kevin Crouse runs the Mars Hill Café at Parramatta, where faith connects with café culture.

Both John and Kevin will talk about their ministry at their places of work – Bidwill and Parramatta – on the afternoon of Thursday July 5.

John and his team work alongside residents in one of the most disadvantaged suburbs in Australia. Kevin and his team find faith connections with city workers and residents.

Sharing conversation with John and Kevin is open to anyone keen to learn more about God working in the suburbs and the city as part of the ‘God is where?!’ conference being held at the Centre for Ministry,North Parramatta, July 1-6.

This can be as part of attendance at the full conference program or it can be shared as part of the Tuesday only program, with a ‘day registration’.

For registration details see the diakonia website.


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