Glenbrook Uniting Church seek Youth and Young Adults Pastor

Glenbrook Uniting Church seek Youth and Young Adults Pastor

Glenbrook Uniting Church are seeking a Youth and Young Adults Pastor.

Rev. Ellie Elia told Insights the role reflected the congregation’s priority of intergenerational ministry.

“How can we empower new and emerging leadership and opportunities for mission? Before COVID, these were challenging questions,” Rev. Elia said.

“Now these questions feel brave and urgent as we try to make sense of how we have been changed. This role was born from a courageous conviction that our priorities need to reflect the kind of church we believe God is calling us to become.”   

The role description calls for a lay person who can drive new mission and develop relationships with the local community.

According to Rev. Elia, the person who takes up the role will need strong relational and communication skills, will need to be able to take initiative and community organise, and who will enjoy working collaboratively as part of a ministry team.

“The role would suit someone who is passionate about seeing young people not only experience belonging and support in the life of the church, but who is excited by the challenge of what the church might looks like if its life and mission were intentionally shaped by the gifts and passions of young people,” she said.

“The role is suited to someone who is prepared to try new things, even if that means risking failure. We recognise that a flourishing ministry with youth and young adults will require a whole of church reorientation, and this role is aimed at helping us to do just that,” Rev. Elia said. 

“Roles like this can come with pressure and expectations which reflect the churches anxiety about the future. I would like to see this role grounded in a spirit of prayer, openness, and generosity that asks us: What is God doing here and now?”

“I would ask the wider Uniting Church to please pray for the Glenbrook Uniting Church and for the person who will take up this ministry with us. May we practice patience, courage, joyfulness and love.” 

Applications for the role close on Monday, 19 June. For more information, visit the congregation’s website here.


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