Fresh hope, new dawn at Wesley Mission’s Easter Sunday Service

Fresh hope, new dawn at Wesley Mission’s Easter Sunday Service

The resurrection on Easter Sunday is a new dawn for all people offering fresh hope and opportunities.

That was the message from the Rev. Dr Keith Garner CEO of Wesley Mission during Wesley Mission’s Easter Sunrise Service at the Sydney Opera House today.

“The message of Easter is one of amazement and surprise,” Dr Garner said. “It is also a message of discovery and disclosure.

“It was women who discovered the empty tomb. They were the witnesses. Little did they know that their discovery was not the end of the story.”

Hundreds joined singer Daniel Kay, accompanying singers and the Wesley Impact! TV band as Easter hymns resonated through the Sydney Opera House and across Sydney Harbour.

“We meet today because we know Jesus has risen,” Dr Garner said. “Jesus is more than just remembered, he is with us.

“From this moment we can live life from the morning sun. In the many challenges we have in our lives, Jesus brings a new dawn…he brings new opportunities.”

The worship, service now in its 51st year heard from Wesley Mission worker, Yvette McClorghy, who spoke about the transformation of her life after becoming a Christian, including her work with children and young people at Wesley Mission’s Operation Hope camps at Vision Valley.

The crowd also heard of the support Wesley Mission is giving Elisha, a young woman who was unwanted by her mother and then survived on the streets by sleeping rough in bus shelters. With counselling and support from Wesley Mission Elisha is dealing with her feelings of rejection and drug abuse.

“I feel happier. I feel that I’ve achieved something,” she said.

Wesley Mission’s Easter Sunrise service has been held at many locations around Sydney but none more spectacular than the Sydney Opera House. The service draws Christian worshippers from across Sydney and beyond.

Among today’s worshippers were Charles and Diane Harrington from Charlotte, North Carolina, who were visiting Sydney on holidays. “It was an inspiring morning at an inspiring location,” Mrs Harrington said. “This service was so uplifting and one we will never forget.”


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