Forming theologies of resistance

Forming theologies of resistance

In 2021, United Theological College’s ethics unit will focus on hearing voices from the margins.

Dr Michael Mawson is coordinating THL493 Theologies and Resistance.

The subject has run before at UTC as an ethics subject (THL326/THL493: Theological Ethics. Dr Mawson told Insights that he decided to focus it, “around different voices and approaches to theology that don’t always receive the attention they deserve and that can help facilitate and support rich forms of Christian protest and engagement.”

“I’ve organised the different voices under a number of themes, including liberation theologies, feminist theologies, womanist theologies, disrupting whiteness, and so forth.”

“For most of the meetings I’ve assigned two readings: one from an international theologian and one from someone based here in Australia (or else Aotearoa NZ).”

“For example, for our week on black theologies we’ll read James Cone and also Anne Pattel-Gray. For our week on liberation theologies we’ll read some Gustavo Gutierrez alongside a chapter by Charles Harris.”

“There are many challenges that are currently confronting the church and world.  In light of these, we need ways of thinking about Christian identity and action that are closer to the ground.”

As well as Dr Mawson, the subject will be taught by a number of guest lecturers.

“Rest assured it won’t just be me talking from the front,” Dr Mawson said.     

The subject will be taught at the United Theological College in North Parramatta and will have a Zoom option for those who are unable to make it in person.  The subject is available for full credit or to be audited.

“I’m just excited by the chance to be involved in this subject.  And to talk over some of these ideas and issues with students,” Dr Mawson said.

Theologies of Action and Resistance takes place at United Theological College from 15 July to 14 October. Classes take place in person and via Zoom from 6:30pm to 9:30pm on Thursdays.


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