Food for the soul

Food for the soul

When Suguta Rogoimuri noticed the same homeless man every morning in Blacktown’s main street, she thought something could to be done to help.

She told Insights, “The idea and inspiration was all part of God’s plan.”

“One morning when I stopped for coffee, he appeared again so I said; God what is it that you wanted me to do? That’s when I started to action what God has put on me,” Mrs Rogoimuri said.

The idea to start a new ministry feeding the homeless and providing for their practical needs quickly grew.

“I told the Blacktown Prayer Group that I lead and they were very supportive of the idea. So I contacted Blacktown Council for a space to feed [homeless people].” 

“The community response was overwhelming. [They have been] supporting us by donating clothes, shoes, food and water. The community wants to come and help as well during our feeding day.”

Bula Feeding Ministry originally fed people on Blacktown’s Main Street. In March 2019, it moved to Alpha Park Hall.

“Bula Feeding Ministry has opened up the doors to the community to bridge gaps and build up relationships through love,” Mrs Rogoimuri said.

“It reminds the community that we have people who that need help.” 

There are plans to further expand the service. Mrs Rogoimuri told Insights she is currently looking for barbers that can offer free haircuts once a month, starting from mid-April. She is also looking at eventually starting some art and fitness classes for homeless people’s well being.

“I want to give all the glory and honour to God. He already has plans for the Bula Feeding Ministry,” Mrs Rogoimuri said.

“I don’t have to work too hard to get what needs to be done. God is already doing his work ahead of us.”

“The support of our Leigh Fijian Congregations and Parramatta Mission is awesome.”

“Parramatta Mission support us every week by supplying fresh vegetables, fruits, and groceries for the homeless and the disadvantaged The Church council of Parramatta Mission have shown their support to the Bula Feeding. Anne’s Bakery provides us with cakes and bread every week.”

Bula Feeding Ministry offers free meals on Tuesdays at Alpha Park Hall Blacktown from 5 to 7 pm.  For more information, check out the project’s Facebook page.

Jonathan Foye is Insights’ Editor


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