Following Jesus

Following Jesus

Douglas Connelly, IVP Connect

There are no real surprises in this Bible study guide from the LifeGuide series.

Those familiar with this series or style of Bible study resource will know that each study has a short thought provoker and some group trust building questions followed by questions to help you work through thinking about the passages presented.

At the end of each study is a short “Now and Then” section that has suggestions for prayer or action based on the theme of the study.

This guide looks at Christian Discipleship and focuses on passages from the epistles and the gospels. Studies include such headings as, “Carrying a Cross”, “Growing into Maturity”, “Running the Race”, “Fighting the Battle” and “Becoming a Servant”.

The guide seems to be from an evangelical background but has good solid questions that would be helpful and approachable for most Bible study groups.

There are some helpful suggestions at the start of the book for individuals and groups as they study the Bible.

Discipleship is at the heart of Christianity, so if you Bible Study group is looking for a new resource or theme, then this may be very worthwhile considering.

The Rev. Jon Humphries



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