Fiz the Flying Fox

Fiz the Flying Fox

Skye Parry-Jones & Nicole Maloney, Growing Faith

Fiz the Flying Fox is a picture book for preschoolers about the adventures of a young flying fox who longs to fly high and far away, despite his father pointing out that it would be more sensible to stay with him because he (the father) knows “where the tastiest blossoms will be”.

Fiz decides to go anyway and has a wonderful time until realises that he is lost, alone and really wants to go home.

Fortunately, his father had been close to him all the time and is able to rescue and reassure him that he will always be “with you to take you home”.

The book ends with the author comparing Fiz’s situation with us going astray when we forget God.

The rhymes in the book are a bit awkward but the pictures are lovely. I particularly liked the use of coloured smudges.

My favourite page has green, smudgy ink for trees and purple smudges for the bats hanging off them. My second favourite is a double page of green smudgy trees with all manner of little creatures partly hidden by the leaves.

This is a good conversation point in the book because parents and children can discuss what they see.

Fiz the Flying Fox was inspired by Skye Parry-Jones’ grandmother, who assists in the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned and injured flying foxes.

Katy Gerner


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