‘Families and communities are informed and involved’

‘Families and communities are informed and involved’

On Sunday, 30 June, Quakers Hill Uniting Church’s 6:30pm service will feature two teenagers sharing their testimony. 

Mark Watson is the Youth and Young Adults Worker at Quakers Hill Uniting Church. He told Insights that the service was the latest example of how the congregation involves its young people in ministry. 

“One of the key areas I see this bear fruit is in our monthly Night Church here at Quakers Hill Uniting Church,” he said. 
“We are intentional in creating opportunities for our youth and young adults to not only participate, but to plan, serve, and contribute to the function and mission of the congregation.” 

The Youth and Young Adults Worker role is funded and made possible by the Synod’s Growth Fund’s Strategic Grant, which Mr Watson described as an investment in young people’s lives.

“I love the theme of ‘Families and communities are informed and involved’. It’s definitely at the heart of our ministry and vision, and certainly something we have adopted from the Child Safe Standards as part of our safe church practices,” he said. 

Quakers Hill Uniting Church’s evening service is not aimed at any one particular demographic, as the congregation aims to reach a broad range of people. Instead, the youth and young adults are instrumental in shaping the order of service, worship songs, and experience. 
“The hearts and passions of our young people are nurtured and encouraged, in order that they are blessed by God as He works in and through them,” Mr Watson said. 
“They inform the community, from their unique perspective, about the work of Christ and the church which has led to ongoing growth in relationships, connections, and expressions of faith. This has also been a key factor in our new friends joining us.” 

The congregation’s young people meet with ministry leaders at the start of each month, and plan for the service, held on the last Sunday of each month.  

“We also have a WhatsApp group chat where we chat about the service throughout the month, and continue to share thoughts, ideas, and generally connect with each other digitally,” Mr Watson said. 
“Ideas are taken seriously, and we believe God uses all people, including youth and young adults, and therefore we intentionally seek to engage them in carrying out Quakers Hill Uniting Church’s vision and mission to ‘Love because God first loved us’. (1 John 4:19)”” 


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