Exploring Mother Teresa in her context

Exploring Mother Teresa in her context

A new book on Mother Teresa has won the Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) Excellence in Publishing Award 2023 for biographies.

Written by Dr Gëzim Alpion, Mother Teresa: The Saint and Her Nation  approaches her in the context of her familial background and ethnic, cultural, and spiritual milieus, her traumas, ordeals and achievements as a private individual and a public missionary.

Exploring Mother Teresa and her work, the book considers newly-discovered information about her family, the Albanian nation’s spiritual tradition before and after the advent of Christianity, and the impact of the Vatican and other influential powers on her people since the early Middle Ages.

The book was published by Bloomsbury Academic and has been widely acclaimed by reviewers, scholars, and specialist media, including making the front cover of The Tablet and receiving a special feature in LIFE Magazine. Following the publication of the book, Dr Alpion has delivered invited lectures around the world, including Harvard University and Georgetown University in the US.

In 2021, Dr Alpion was awarded the ‘Mother Teresa Award’ by the President of Albania in recognition of and as a token of gratitude for his ‘valuable academic contribution to the thorough study of Saint Mother Teresa’s life and work, and the promotion worldwide of her Albanian national value’.

“The reception to my latest book on Mother Teresa has been overwhelming, and I am delighted that it has been so well received,” Dr Alpion said.

“The study of Mother Teresa has been a passion of mine for 20 years, and it is wonderful that throughout that time there are still new discoveries being made and people still feel a deep and personal connection with her as a person, with her story and her work.”

Mother Teresa: The Saint and Her Nation is available to buy as an Ebook and in print through Bloomsbury.


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