Engadine Uniting Church to launch community space

Engadine Uniting Church to launch community space

Engadine Uniting Church is launching their new Rest and Relaxation Community Space on Wednesday, 27 February.

The space situated outside the front of the church has transformed over the last two years, thanks to custom murals, benches, a revamped garden and a congregation passionate about sharing their faith with the community.

Engadine Uniting Church Minister, Rev. Tammy Hollands, said the idea for the community space developed organically.

“The initial idea came about from one of our younger members of the church. He just wanted to make the space a little more open to the community and more of a community space,” said Rev. Hollands.

With the congregation on board, Rev. Hollands said that they also wanted to get the kids from the Engadine Uniting Out-Of-School Hours Care (OOSH) involved in the project.

“We asked the kids from the OOSH to draw us some pictures of insects, or anything on the theme of love and hope.

“We collected all of the pictures they drew and used them and supplemented some of our own images onto the murals,” said Rev. Hollands.

Volunteers worked hard to make this community space a reality.

The painting process took around a term and half, while volunteers also assisted with finishing the garden over the Christmas holidays and January.

“We’re hoping it’s going to be used by the public in general,” said Rev. Hollands.

Rev. Hollands added that the OOSH is already planning picnics in the new community space.

The launch event will take place on Wednesday, 27 February at 3:30pm. All are welcome and there will be afternoon tea served after the formal proceedings. Click here for more details.

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