Ecumenism on display: Glenbrook Uniting Church borrow St Finbarr’s Catholic Church building

Ecumenism on display: Glenbrook Uniting Church borrow St Finbarr’s Catholic Church building

In early December, Glenbrook Uniting Church conducted their first face-to-face service as an entire congregation. In a demonstration of local hospitality, the service was held at St Finbarr’s Catholic Church.

On Sunday, 6 December, Glenbrook Uniting Church’s congregation met at St Finbarr’s Catholic Church. The service marked the first time in nine months that the church was able to meet in person as a wider group.

Rev. Ellie Elia is Glenbrook Uniting Church’s Minister.

She told Insights that the congregation’s use of St Finbarr’s building reflected the ecumenical relationships between the two churches and the hospitality that people had shown during COVID-19.

The congregation has a longstanding covenant with St Finbarr’s. In another sign of the ecumenical relationship, a few members of the local Catholic church attended the service.

“They’ve got a new priest there, Father Joe, who is really big on ecumenism,” Rev Elia said.

“We had 94 people turn up.”

Rev. Elia admitted that using the building came with, “a sense of unfamiliarity.”

“I think it’s a really interesting experience for a church to understand who it is when it’s not in its own building,” Rev. Elia said.

“You really get a sense of who are we now.”

The congregation has previously met for smaller gatherings, such as Communion in the Park, which accommodates groups of 20.

Glenbrook Uniting Church will return to St Finbarr’s again at 2 pm on 7 February, for the church’s communion service. To register to attend, email with your details.

For more information on Glenbrook Uniting Church, visit their Facebook page here.


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