Don’t Trust the Abbot: Musings from the Monastery

Don’t Trust the Abbot: Musings from the Monastery

Jerome Kodell, Liturgical Press

Jerome Kodell is abbot of Subiaco Abbey in Arkansas. These “musings” are reproduced from some of his newsletters at the request of his many friends, visitors and others. This book has a special appeal for those who know Jerome personally, but we in the distant parts of the church/world who’ve never met him can also benefit from his integrity, wisdom and gentle scholarship.

There are spiritual gems throughout this little 94-page book of about 40 short articles (which are probably best read slowly about one-per-day for a month or so).

For non-Roman Catholics, some of the material here is “in-house” (like the discussion of terms like “priest”, “brother” and “religious”). But I reckon (as a “small c” Catholic-Baptist) that the little chapter on celibacy is worth the price of the whole book (and note that I’m non-celibate, and actually regard that discipline as dangerous for many people).

You might know someone who could benefit from that kind of practical wisdom.

Rowland Croucher


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