Digital detox key to creative flow

Digital detox key to creative flow

This is Day five of a five day Infomagical challenge undertaken by the Synod Communications Team. See Day 4: A Magical Connection.

Day 5: A Magical Life

Adrian: My biggest take out from day five: priority is not plural. Mind blown in what should have been obvious. But how often to people say they have key priorities that are all important. But it’s a single task or idea.

My ‘Note to Self’ mantra for healthy technological usage is “Reflect on the important, leave trivial information in its place.”

Adrian and the team got a nod from Manoush herself.


Lisa: Slow down woman! Make conscious choices about incoming information. Think more about what I read, (less skimming) talk more. Write more. Be present, ‘stay with it.’

How am I now a couple of weeks later? My ‘Note to Self’ is that I need a digital detox and go off the grid more often (weekly or permanently). Focus. Focus. Focus. Everyone talks about the weather so who needs an app anyway. I feel much more satisfied and happy with my new productivity at work.


Rana: At the end of this challenge I definitely became more aware of some unhelpful habits that I had developed, almost without thinking of them, into my daily routine. So my personal mantra would be “Focus more, and be more present in the moment. Relax and let the world go by, and let creativity flow.”

Not multi tasking may be a challenge on some days, but it helps to be aware of how to slow down and take a breath.  I feel very refreshed and lighter after removing some of the unnecessary digital clutter around me, and feel more in control of the information coming through. An amazing challenge and great wrap up to the year – here’s looking to a more creative new year!

Melissa: This challenge really reminded me to not just to mindlessly scroll through information but to actually use devices for what they are – tools to complete tasks. I’m more conscious of how I use technology and to challenge my brain to focus or relax without the unnecessary distractions of each notification ping. Our brains are impeccably powerful so we shouldn’t be afraid to use a bit more brain power (but remember when to switch off too!).  It’s all about balance and priorities, priorities. As for my ‘Note to Self  mantra’, it goes something like this,“Breathe, focus, breathe, create and finally breathe”.


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