Debunking the myths of ageing

Debunking the myths of ageing

We’re all ageing at any given point in our lives but there are some perceptions of older people in the community that make most of us fear the process — older people are often not seen as contributing to those around us, can face a loss of respect and are only seen as being dependent on others.

It’s true that some of us might age better than others but the great thing about the myths of ageing is they can be disproven.

This Seniors Week, March 20-27, UnitingCare Ageing is asking the community to debunk the myths of ageing by acknowledging the contributions of all seniors.

“Everyone has an amazing story and something special to give but it’s a sad fact of life that the older we get, the less acknowledged the truth of that statement is,” explained Joanne Toohey, Director Operations, UnitingCare Ageing.

“Many aged care providers, ourselves included, not only have wonderful older clients, but wonderful older staff members who are continuing to touch the lives of those around them each day.”

“There’s currently a lot of concern about the ageing population and yes, this is something we have to address as a society, but let’s embrace the positives as well.”

Seniors everywhere in UnitingCare Ageing are debunking the myth of growing older.

Take 98 year old Margaret, who produces handmade finger puppets which are sold to further the work of Christian organisations and power couple 77-year-old Gordon and 75-year-old Pat, who have raised and trained a prize winning racehorse and written an autobiography between them in recent years.

There’s also 85-year-old Anzhen, an accomplished pianist who has produced three CDs in the last two years with a fourth on the way, and 93-year-old John who is busy restoring an AJS 500cc motorbike to its original condition.

“As a community we need to acknowledge and respect the contributions seniors continue to make,” Ms Toohey urged.

So this Seniors Week, take the time to chat to an older person about their life and what they are up to.

Your quiet neighbour may have a thing or two to teach you about the joys of ageing and the contributions they can make, irrespective of the number of birthdays to have passed.


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