Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose?

Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose?

Denis Alexander, Monarch Books

Alexander is unapologetic in stating that he is writing for those “who share my own Christian faith”.

Yet there are many creationist Christians who would not be comfortable with the ease in which Alexander unpacks and ultimately endorses Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The book is written for lay theologians and lay scientists alike and, as a result, there is very good detail and explanation given to both fields.

Of particular interest are the discussions surrounding the science of evolution, the notion of evolutionary creationism, the identity of Adam and Eve, evolution and the fall, and Intelligent Design and creation’s order.

As Alexander says, “We started with Genesis in this book, so it is appropriate that we should finish with biogenesis.”

In the end Alexander puts forward a coherent biblical and scientific argument for Intelligent Evolution: “So we are living in an ordered universe, not at all a random universe, but an anthropically fruitful one in which there is a biological narrative culminating in us as its observers.”

The book is both a challenging and an informative theological and scientific work.

John Ruhle is Minister at The Gap Uniting Church in Brisbane


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