Connecting with the Creator

Connecting with the Creator

Ecological concern is fundamentally about how we see ourselves in Creation, in loving relationship with God, with each other and with other kind.

It is this love, even more than a sense of duty, which drives us to learn to live better on God’s good Earth.

In the Season of Creation, we have a special opportunity to deepen our loving relationships with Creation and its Creator in our worship together. To connect with the source of inspiration for so many of Jesus’s parables.

This September, join with me in celebrating this season. Take advantage of the resources available to help us — liturgies, songs, videos, suggestions for practical action, and more.

It is my prayer that, moved by this worship and enlivened by the Spirit, we might take further steps for the reconciliation and renewal of the Earth over which God, through Jesus, has reasserted claim.


The Moderator, Rev. Myung Hwa Park


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