Climate advocate retires

Climate advocate retires

Rev. Dr David Reichardt recently retired, bringing to close a ministry marked by service to the church and the environment.

At a service at Normanhurst Uniting Church on April, Rev. Dr Reichardt’s ministry came to a formal closure.

“The closure of ministry service felt really good,” he said.

“The purpose of every service of public worship is, of course, to worship God. But I particularly wanted to showcase the variety of gifts and abilities that Normanhurst Uniting Church hosts. And to have a joyous time of it.”

“The congregation has longed for two things during COVID-19: to sing, and to enjoy morning tea together. A few weeks before my closure of placement service we had started singing again, and we’d got live streaming working. At my closure of placement service we showcased the variety of music the congregation employs, including one song composed by a congregational member. And we shared morning tea in a COVID-appropriate way! What could be better?”

With orders to rest for the remainder of his leave, Rev. Dr Reichardt said that he is not making too many plans as yet.

“Depending upon finances and health, I hope to make further contributions on matters that I feel are of great importance,” he said.

“I feel so proud of the Normanhurst people! Over the past some years they have started a community garden, and installed several water tanks, 48 solar panels and a number of other environmentally friendly features. This year they have also picked up on Uniting World’s Lent Event and 7 Days of Solidarity programs.

“I feel as though, as one parishioner put it, we’ve been able to integrate these ecological matters with the faith we were taught as children. Having hopefully helped the congregation in this regard, having been involved in eco-praxis for some years and having helped the congregation weather the COVID storm I would like to engage in some more eco-reflection.”

He added that he would eventually like to resume travel when the pandemic is lifed.

“When India eventually emerges from their COVID horror story my wife and I would like to return there from time to time, as grandchildren allow. I’d like to put use the textbook in eco-theology I co-edited a few years ago.”

Rev. Dr Reichardt said that he will need to prioritise health.  

“I’ve be showing several of the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease,” he said.

“At the very least I’ve been very tired. I look forward to a period of rest before engaging in anything too strenuous.”


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