Churches and faith groups delivered over $70 Million in social impact for Tasmanians in 2023 

Churches and faith groups delivered over $70 Million in social impact for Tasmanians in 2023 

In a case study in faith in action, a new report has revealed churches and faith groups delivered over $70 million to people in Tasmania in 2023. 

The study assessed social impact value from faith groups in the past 12 months, and found nearly two million total beneficiary interactions.  

NAYBA has developed a tool to measure and report the collective social impact of the faith community in their city or region called the NAYBA Impact Audit. 

The audit report quantifies the tangible ways churches and faith groups are having a positive impact at a state, regional, and local level.  

The report also showed in the past year 37.5 percent of the Tasmanian population were served by churches and faith groups. 

NAYBA’s latest audit also reveals the top three social issues being addressed in Tasmania which are: social isolation and loneliness, mental health, and financial and food insecurity. 

Nic Mackay Is NAYBA Australia National Director. 

“As Christians, we are called to love our neighbour and it’s encouraging to see that while there are many challenges every day Australians are facing, churches and faith groups are helping vulnerable members of the community,” Mr Mackay said. 

“Tasmania’s natural beauty is world renowned, but Tassie’s greatest asset is its people. That’s why the results of this audit are so encouraging. Nearly four out of every 10 Tasmanians were supported by churches and faith groups in the last year alone.” 

Results from the statewide survey include:  

●      164 survey responses (45 percent of all faith-based organisations in Tasmania) 

●      284 community service activities (addressing 13 of the greatest social needs) 

●      1,901,479 Total beneficiary interactions in the last year 

●      $81,904,745 social impact value. (to the State of Tasmania each year) 

●      2,089,475 total paid hours per annum 


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