Oscar®-nominated Four Daughters Shines a light in time for International Women’s Day and Ramadan

Oscar®-nominated Four Daughters Shines a light in time for International Women’s Day and Ramadan

In a groundbreaking cinematic endeavour, Four Daughters not only captivates audiences with its Oscar®-nominated storytelling, but also serves as a beacon of empowerment and solidarity for women globally. Directed by two-time Oscar® nominee Kaouther Ben Hania, this documentary transcends the traditional boundaries of film to deliver a poignant narrative about Olfa Hamrouni and her daughters’ journey through adversity, making it an essential viewing as we approach International Women’s Day and Ramadan.

Four Daughters delves into the lives of a Tunisian Muslim woman, Olfa, and her four daughters, blending heart-wrenching real-life experiences with cinematic storytelling. This docudrama not only expands the dialogue around the empowerment of Muslim women but also speaks to all women facing trauma, advocating for women’s voices and choices in their own lives. The film’s resonance is amplified by the current situation in Gaza, underscoring the urgency of addressing women’s suffering worldwide.

A riveting exploration of rebellion, memory, and sisterhood, Four Daughters reconstructs the story of Olfa Hamrouni and her four daughters, unpacking a complex family history through intimate interviews and performance to examine how the Tunisian woman’s two eldest daughters were radicalized. Casting professional actresses as the missing eldest daughters Ghofrane and Rahma, along with acclaimed Egyptian-Tunisian actress Hend Sabri as Olfa, director Kaouther Ben Hania restages pivotal moments in the family’s life, interwoven with confessions and reflections from Olfa and younger daughters Eya and Tayssir that capture moments of joy, loss, violence, and heartache.

Four Daughters is a compelling portrait of five women and a unique and ambitious work of nonfiction storytelling that questions the nature of memory, the weight of inherited trauma, and the ties that bind mother and daughter.

Kaouther Ben Hania, the visionary behind Four Daughters, has etched her name in history as the first Arabic-speaking female director to receive two Oscar® nominations. Her unique narrative approach, coupled with the compelling portrayal of Olfa by celebrated actress Hend Sabri, has garnered international acclaim, with wins at the Independent Spirit Awards, Cannes Film Festival, and more.

Four Daughters not only challenges viewers to confront difficult truths but also celebrates the indomitable spirit of women overcoming adversity. This is a remarkable film and its contribution to important global conversations will hopefully be sparked by the release of the film.

Four Daughters is in cinemas in time for Ramadan and International Women’s Day


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