Christians unite to end modern-day slavery

Christians unite to end modern-day slavery

On Sunday November 25 churches around the country will come together to call for the end of modern-day slavery.

Abolitionist Sunday is an annual day when Christians join the next generation of abolitionists by engaging with the fight for freedom and justice of millions of people trafficked and exploited worldwide. Last year, nearly 16,000 Christians participated in the movement.

Human trafficking is an abuse of rights and human dignity. Despite state-sanctioned slavery being outlawed over 200 years ago, up to 27 million people around the world are still trapped in slave-like conditions.

“Trafficking and exploitation is a $32 billion industry that preys on the poor and vulnerable to satisfy a global demand for cheap products and services,” said World Vision Australia’s Leigh Cameron.

As well as raising awareness, the day asks Christians to encourage Federal MPs to continue support for international anti-trafficking initiatives. Poverty is a leading contributor to trafficking and slavery so it is important that the governments around the world uphold their commitment to global poverty through overseas aid.

“It’s encouraging to see so many Australian churches connecting with this important issue. Like William Wilberforce and the abolitionists of old, the church can play a significant role in challenging this unjust system and bringing liberation,” Mr Cameron said.

World Vision works in the heart of communities affected by trafficking. Projects focus on prevention, protection of vulnerable people and advocacy to inform policy on this complex issue.

Sign your church up or for more information on Abolitionist Sunday.


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