Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows

Corrie Fenton and Hannah Sommerville

Chasing Shadows is a picture book about a little girl who is suffering from depression and whose father gets her a puppy to try to help her recover. The cause of Beth’s depression is not stated, but photos on the table in one of the pictures hint at the death of one family member if not two. In any case, Beth, who spends her time saying nothing or crying, is living with only her father until Patches arrive.

The theme of shadows carries through the book – in the beginning of the picture book, Beth’s shadows are much bigger than the puppy or her father’s and a little eerie. The pictures of Patches, who has a little shadow, are gorgeous. Hannah Sommerville has caught the expressions of an energetic, loveable puppy, well.

Fenton’s words are also beautiful:

‘Afternoon sunshine

seeping through shutters

makes Patches warm

makes Beth weep’

However, for the tender hearted reader, I can tell you that there is also a happy ending.

Chasing Shadows is a great book for explaining difficult issues to children.

 Katy Gerner


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