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How much is enough?

When I first became a Christian 20-something years ago, I was captivated by Jesus’ call to care for the poor. I’d travelled and seen poverty. I had very little money...

Arthur Marshall: September 1918-August 2011

Arthur Marshall was born at Concord on September 7, 1918, the third child and only son of Leslie George and Lily Viola Marshall. Arthur, with his family, moved to...

Losing the meaning of Christmas

Most Australians love the family Christmas, but still think something is missing. Almost 52 per cent of ‘non-Christians’ think that the true meaning of Christmas has...

When the perfect gift is an insurance scheme

This Christmas, there will be someone probably not far from you who will have something special on their list to Santa.

Uniting for the common good!

In connecting with other organisations we will bring our own uniqueness, our gifts and skills to bear upon the issues confronting our community and city

Now is the time to repent and believe

Synod General Secretary, the Rev. Dr Andrew Williams, in his June Newsletter says we stand on the edge of sparkling possibilities but we must change direction, act...

Pilgrimage to Living Water

JILL ROBERTSON tells how even in a personal wilderness, or place of uncertainty, there is beauty to feed our souls while we listen with our hearts.

Port Arthur recalled

April 28 was the 15th anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre. The Rev. Rex Hunt, then minister at Hobart City Centre Parish, tried to shape what he said and did with...