Category: General Secretary

December 2010: Christmas

Not long after Father’s Day, the Christmas puddings were laid out on the shelves in David Jones. On November 23 I had my first official Christmas “do” and shows on...

November 2010: Community gardens

Martin Luther, the 16th century Protestant reformer, is reputed to have said that, even if he knew the world would end tomorrow, he would plant an apple tree today.

October 2010: Technochurch

What hath God wrought? This brooding message, sent by Samuel Morse in 1844, marked the official opening of the telegraph line between Washington DC and Baltimore in the...

September 2010: Sydney Alliance

Want to start a program for the homeless? Get people involved in social ministry? Revitalise your congregation and at the same time really change the rules of the game...

August 2010: Ecumenism

While you may be well over Christians of a certain age banging on about U2, a new publication in that genre still warrants your attention.

July 2010: Chaplains

I’ve been an army chaplain full-time for 18 years. I was a reservist for a bit over a year before that when I was a Uniting Church minister on the Gold Coast.

June 2010: Christian Conference of Asia

What struck Uniting Church President Alistair Macrae most about the Christian Conference of Asia’s 13th General Assembly — apart from the salutary experience of...

May 2010: The sexualisation of children

When eight-year-old girls are being admitted to hospital with eating disorders, six-year-olds are asking, “Do I look hot in this?”, porn magazines are sold at...

April 2010: Ideas to change the world

Australian author Christos Tsiolkas, in his preface to a new edition of Robin Boyd’s The Australian Ugliness, said such books reminded us that, no this isn’t the...

March 2010: Easter

I’ve never made a hot cross bun. So this holy season I’m on a mission. One problem: No yeast.