Caring for the planet and the church’s mission

Caring for the planet and the church’s mission

Running 21 to 22 July, MissionFest is a two-day event that will provide resources, skills and inspiration for re-organising local congregations towards mission and action in their local communities.

Uniting’s Jon O’Brien  will present a workshop addressing climate change and the church’s mission.

“Climate change can be overwhelming so we will highlight that this is a problem that can be fixed (which is what the scientists are still telling us),” Mr O’Brien said.

“And we’ll look at what practical things individuals, households, and church communities can do to be part of that fixing.”

According to Mr O’Brien, the workshop would suit, “Anyone concerned about climate change and thinking what can we do, or what more can we do, to address it. People will be at different points in their response to this issue, but hopefully we can offer something of interest to most of them.”

“I think caring for the planet and all its life is part of the church’s mission,” he said.

“The Uniting Church believes that God’s ultimate purpose for the world is renewal, not destruction and we are to cooperate with that purpose in whatever ways we can.”

“It’s also clear that climate change is impacting on so many aspects of people’s lives and creating suffering and need that require a compassionate response-  destruction of homes and livelihoods, mental health, physical health, displacement and more. Because of the dimensions of the challenge it poses, climate change must also be a focus and catalyst for our advocacy  and work for justice. Many people and congregations are already taking action on these fronts.”

“Because it’s such a big and complex issue we really need to be working with others to fix this- at all levels. But though the church community is only one part of the solution, we do have some useful qualities to offer.”

MissionFest takes place from 21 to 22 July. Registration is available here. The Friday celebration event will be streamed online here.


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