Can You Ask That?

Can You Ask That?

You Can’t Ask That is a panel TV show like no other. Members of minorities are brought in and asked the questions that no one else dares to ask. There have been three seasons and the show is on the ABC. The third season includes episodes on eating disorders, former cult members, and priests.

“…discover that the church is not perfect.” – Rev. Emily Payne

The priest episode was particularly interesting to watch as a Christian, mainly because all of the other episodes were introducing new topics that I didn’t understand whilst the priests episode was looking at what my life had been like since my childhood. The speakers included men and women from the Catholic and Anglican Church.

“I had a burning desire to take on what could only be the thing that I was made for and meant to do.” – Rev. Roger Dyer

The set-up of the show is casual and relaxed, it almost feels as though you’re asking the questions yourself in your own living room. This helps to soften the blow of some of the heavier questions which are asked.

“I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but I have no regrets.” – Rev. Chris Bedding

All of the questions are deep and at times controversial. Topics such as homosexuality, celibacy, and women in the church are talked about. This episode reminded me of how diverse the church can be. So many different people find themselves walking into a church but everyone is affected differently.

“I think that’s why priests laugh so much when they get together.” – Fr. Marcus Goulding

This episode was amazing at showing different perspectives. Obviously the father of a gay boy would have a different perspective on homosexuality than someone who doesn’t have any children at all. The fact that the same question was answered by a wide range of priests was very helpful because when watching you can hear different opinions and interpretations of who God is and what being Christian means.

 “…And then encountered the love of God and Jesus as a young adult.” – Rev. Mike Paget

Sometimes we need to see what other people think about the issues that we are pondering, and obviously it can be hard to ask people face to face at times. Some of the questions that we think are silly could be the questions that everyone else is thinking. It’s also extremely interesting, and sometimes humorous, to hear what non-Christians think of the Christian faith.  If you want to hear the answers to all of the unasked questions then check out this episode.

This show does an amazing job at breaking down the social walls that we are all trapped in, worlds that we didn’t even know existed are delivered right to us in an easy to understand format. Some of the episodes are quite confronting, and range in appropriateness. Check the warnings before watching an episode if you are sensitive to certain things such as coarse language.

 “I don’t know that God exists, I believe it.” – Fr. Tony Doherty

You Can’t Ask That is streaming now on ABC iView

Susannah Cornford


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