Can we really be anything we want?

Can we really be anything we want?

Animals, heaven, witches, miracles and angels. That’s just some of the pop-culture topics being discussed this week by The Big Picture team.

Click here to listen to the full podcast, featuring reviews of animated hit Zootopia, Miracles from Heaven, chiller The Witch and Australian dramatic heavyweight The Daughter.

Or, if you need your Big Picture fix even faster, press play on the video reviews below.

When you do, what you’ll be diving into such intriguing topics as “Can we really be anything we want to be?” and “Is The Witch the best Christian movie of 2016 — or is it Miracles from Heaven?” Oh, and “who’s the best angel in cinema history?”



What Your Kids Are Watching – Zootopia from The Big Picture on Vimeo.

Now Showing: The Witch from The Big Picture on Vimeo.

Top 5 Movie Angels from The Big Picture on Vimeo.


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