Bill Loader’s new book “A treasure trove”

Bill Loader’s new book “A treasure trove”

Uniting Church theologian Rev. Dr Bill Loader has released his latest book, St Patrick and the Helicopter. Theological Stories and Reflections for Young and Old.

Rev. Dr Loader told Insights that the book was written, “to be a resource for people of faith.”

“It contains stories reflections, poems, designed to enrich faith and stimulate reflection and fun,” he said.

 “I think people will find it an attractive and enjoyable resource to have on their shelves.”

The book’s blurb describes it as, “a book to keep coming back to, rather than to be read from cover to cover.”

“It invites the reader to engage issues at the heart of faith and disbelief. It is a rich and challenging resource for personal and for group reflection. Some pieces will serve well as discussion starters.”

“Some are for storytelling and celebration, including children’s stories with subtle hints for adult minds. Others belong in the context of worship. They are grouped broadly according to the church liturgical year: “Around Christmas”; “Around Easter”; “Around Pentecost”, and “Any Time”.”

Rev. Ann Perrin is a Mission Facilitation Consultant for the Synod. In her endorsement of the book, she wrote that Rev. Dr Loader “has provided a treasure trove of a book.”

“His meticulous care for the gospel message is evident in the devotional passages that can be used across the liturgical year,” Rev. Perrin wrote.

“Used personally or as group devotions, they open one’s heart to the joy of life in Christ. Another delight is the salting of this book with his children’s stories suitable for all ages. Wonderful imaginings for young and old alike.”

Rev. Dr Bill Loader is an Emeritus Professor at Murdoch University. After his retirement, he moved to Orange to be closer to family and continues to publish at a rapid rate.

St Patrick and the Helicopter. Theological Stories and Reflections for Young and Old is available now.


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